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Sign of Peace
Sign of Peace

Pastor Jake • July 16, 2019

A window into a recent church service at Harvest Community Church....

Me: The Peace of God be with you

Congregation: ((Crickets))

Me: Let us share with one another the sign of peace.

Congregation: (whispers "what is that?")

We have added into our church service a traditional component called "passing the peace". The pastor begins with a declaration of God's peace towards the people and the people in return declare it back to the pastor. Then the people are encouraged to share a handshake or hug with the other people in the congregation. The sign of peace is often accompanied with the phrase "Peace be with you". It's a way for us to demonstrate the love of God that exists between those in the church and a way to offer peace or reconciliation to those whom we may have strife or conflict with.

We put this in shortly after the sermon has completed and before the Lord's Prayer and Communion.

So when you come to church Sunday and I ask you to share the peace of God with your neighbor, you now know what to do.

Peace be with you

Pastor Jake

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For all those who struggle
For all those who struggle

Pastor Jake • July 01, 2019

One of my favorite bloggers wrote this following article in 2007 and it made me think of all of the people in my church who are in the desolate wilderness. I hope this helps you

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