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Monday Morning Pastor

Pastor Jake | February 20, 2019

For me this is the best Sunday of the month, Potluck Sunday. We will have a time of "unplugged" worship, a short but meaningful devotional message and then gather around the presence of God as we eat together. For me, Jesus is as close to us in this meal as in the meal remembering his death for us.

Come and eat with us this week. God is faithful.

Pastor Jake | February 12, 2019

This coming Sunday will mark a new direction for our music ministry at Harvest Community Church as we welcome Bill Perry as our leader of worship. Bill loves God and is thrilled about being able to lead others in worship and to help us create a space where we can encounter the presence of the living God together.

Moving forward, Harvest will strive to become a place where we learn about God in order that we might Experience His presence and Enjoy Him forever. We invite you to come and believe, experience and enjoy God in worship.

We thank Greg Elting for his 10+ years of faithful service to God and His church. We appreciate him and his steadfast presence in leading us to become worshippers of God. We pray that God will bless Greg as he enters into his new season of life.

Pastor Jake | February 11, 2019

In James 1, the author reminds us to take a different strategy when it comes to the daily trials, sufferings and tests of

Choose joy because it an opportunity to live like Jesus did, share in His life.

Choose joy because the trials make you more like Christ

Choose joy because the suffering is limited and Sunday is on the way.

Jesus' own resurrection gives us best example of what lies beyond the present suffering and trials. As He went through the cross, he had the resurrection on His mind. So, to as we go through our present problems, God has assured us that joy, perfection and renewal is waiting for us on the otherside.

Strategies for enduring suffering.

  • Cultivate an abiding relationship with God where you can ask Him for what you need in your situation
  • Cultivate God's own point of view of suffering
  • Cultivate Obedience to God in word and in deed
  • Cultivate interdependence within your community of faith, the church

Pastor Jake | February 08, 2019

Need help with abiding with God through His word?

Try DailyLectio.

Abide in the Word of God

Keeping God's Word in our hearts is the surest way to Abide in Him

Abide in the Word