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Monday Morning Pastor

Pastor Jake | March 22, 2019

Take a look at this free site that offers free courses in theology

Pastor Jake | March 08, 2019

Any practice we do during the season of lent should focus on clearing away obstacles that we have placed in the way of intimacy with God and doing the things that draw us near to him. Below is a website that can help us do both in the daily practice of reading the scriptures.

believe experience enjoy

Pastor Jake | March 07, 2019

Pastor Jake | March 05, 2019

James addresses a growing issue of too many early church members wanting to become teachers and doing so through divisive, careless and unloving speech. He warns them that the tongue is a restless and uncontrollable evil that burns more than it lights the path. So how then are we able to use our words to speak life instead death?

Simply put, only the abiding presence of the Spirit of God in us can control what comes out of us.

  • We must submit our lives to the resurrection power of God in order that He will become Lord of our words
  • We must be willing to slow down the rate at which we speak. Be slow to anger, slow to speak and quick to listen.

Abide in the Word of God

Keeping God's Word in our hearts is the surest way to Abide in Him

Abide in the Word