Where does your community meet?

As a neighborhood-based faith community, we meet at the Iliff Underground Co-Work Space at 16701 E Iliff Ave Unit C, Aurora, CO 80013 on Sundays at 10am.

Once a month, we share a meal together during service.

What time does the service start?

Our worship service starts at 10 AM

Am I expected to give something in the offering?

Giving is an encouraged form of worship that acknowledges and thanks God for his blessings by giving of our time, talent and treasure to him through the local church. We have an online giving portal on the front page of our site.

How long will the service last?

Service should last about 1 hour. We sing for about 30 minutes and the sermon lasts about 30 minutes unless the pastor gets on a tangent then hold on (just kidding).

Is communion just for members, or for everyone?

Communion is for anyone who has placed their faith in Christ for salvation. We welcome you to join us at the Lord’s table, if that describes you. FYI: Our communion bread is gluten-free.

Why are we singing?

We believe that God created music to express our feelings of thanks and praise to Him. We sing because it helps connect the truths of God with our hearts.

What style of music do you use?

We sing everything from ancient hymns to modern day choruses. We believe that every style of music has purpose and value in God’s kingdom.

Why is your church so small?

While we are fewer in number, we are a healthy community that thrives in a more family-like atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to be known. We are not opposed to being bigger but are happy to be who we are and the community that God has called us to be. We are a smaller church that does not settle for less.