September 05, 2022 Pastor Jake Fierberg

Church Recap: Sept 4, 2022

Church Recap: Sept 4, 2022

We enjoyed each other's company over coffee, donuts and cookies before we sang, prayed and learned together. Even while the music is being rehearsed, our folks gather early to catch up on each other's lives and to strengthen the bonds of friendship. Jenn and Amma helped lead the singing and everyone's voices were raised to God in praise and thanksgiving.

In our time of sharing and praying, we rejoiced with Ken and Tammy as they shared their great news of buying a house. It was a true act of God and trust in His leading. We rejoiced at that great news. Others shared their struggles, family heartaches and other requests. We lifted them to the LORD and trusted He would provide in due course.

Our Scripture lesson was on Psalm 1 and that the blessed life is one in which people are immersed in the story of God and allow that story to become their identity and hope

We shared in the bread and the cup, recreating the the story of God's redemption of humanity by the body and blood of Jesus.

We departed full of hope and joy and will meet again on Sunday. I hope you will join us.