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Yesterday we explored the tenacity of Jesus' love for sinners in the parable of the lost sheep and lost coin. Jesus demonstrates his tenacious love for us in that He is the one who goes looking for the lost ones in order to bring them home.

Some truths to consider

  1. We are all lost at some point. Both the irreligious and religious are apart from God due to sin and rebellion against God.
  2. The ability to return to God is a work of God on the hearts of people. God enables us to see ourselves as we truly are, an eye-opening experience, a coming to our senses moment.
  3. Repentance is not a transaction between God and man rather it is a turning to receive God's love that has already been freely given.
  4. God's returning us to the family of God is cause for rejoicing and celebration. It is time to remember our former life before the love of God rescued us and to celebrate His great love for us and his continual seeking of the lost.