October 08, 2018 Pastor Jake

Where did the Sermons go?

Where did the Sermons go?

I like Ted talks. They are short, informative and give me an intellectual boost on demand. However, there is something missed by not being there in person; something is lost by watching and listening absent from real people and space.

As a church, we've decided to stop recording our services for a season. Church is not just listening to a sermon rather it is a tangible and community based gathering that is best experienced in person. We want each gathering to generate the feeling in our people that says, "We all felt the presence of God together in that place."

So, if you need a sermon, or want to sample what we are like, our library of past sermons is still online. We will be slowly adding more from this past year for your edification.

We want you to come and be a part of what God is doing in our midst.